think about the floor a blank canvas as well as utilize it to inject detail into a room. Here, a deep earthy brown serves as the background for a constellation of bright white eight-point stars, evoking a remove night sky. A thick white banding contains the pattern as well as assists to provide the impact of an area rug.

Materials as well as Tools

Tracing paper

Utility knife


Sand paper


Paint (use glossy, oil or latex)

Paint roller

Step 1: Make a stencil

Decide on a theme — we utilized an eight-point star influenced by Farrow & Ball’s Brockhampton star wallpaper — then draw it on tracing paper. location the paper over a square of Mylar. utilize a utility knife to cut the shape out.

Step 2: Prep your floor

Using a hand sander, eliminate any type of old paint or completes to produce a surface the primer as well as paint will adhere to.

Step 3: Prime as well as paint

Apply a coat of primer, let dry, then apply the colour (use glossy, oil or latex). For this effect, we desired a rich look, so we utilized two coats of our brown base colour. let dry.

Step 4: begin stenciling

Draw up a plan for where the stencil marks will go or just eyeball their placement. We put the stars approximately 6″ apart in fairly directly lines. If the paint bleeds a bit, it will add to the charm.

Paint, artisan brown (71YR 08/119A), Drifting Snow (10BB 83/014 W/B), CIL.

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