I was surprised just recently to discover out some buddies of mine had made a bit of a career modification — from the huge business world to the hospitality industry. They decided to buy a bed & breakfast in Lenox, Massachusetts, in a gorgeous area called the Berkshires. It’s called the Kemble Inn, as well as although I haven’t been there yet, the pictures make me believe I would discover myself rather comfortable as well as relaxed.

They have had it for about two months now, however are still in the process of redecorating. I truly like what they have done with the lobby as well as I understand it’s going to look even much better soon.

So, if you discover yourself in the Berkshires this summer, be sure to inspect out the Kemble Inn as well as tell them Cameron states hi!!

For one more gorgeous getaway in the area, inspect out Michael Penney’s blog publish about a charming hotel in Maine.

Photo credits:1-5. Kemble Inn

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