BENEFITS OF building A PASSIVE house

Sharing is caring! Tweet Share Pin Share Mail If energy effectiveness as well as minimizing your carbon footprint is a concern for you, think about building a passive home. Grande Pacific houses in Vancouver focuses on building passive homes. right here are the benefits that include building as well as living in a passive home.  […]

Smart house show 2007 – evaluation

I’ve just returned from the wise house show (22-25 March 2007) as well as in this, its third incarnation at the NEC in Birmingham, the public was treated to the very best show yet! In a very first for Automated Home, we have videos ( from the show which must provide a great taste of […]


keep in mind when I shared my very first of the year flowers a bit while back (a wonderful monthly gift from the hubs)? You may recall that they had a bit of new Year’s shimmer thanks to a cake stand full of gleaming silver ornaments for take one, as well as a few weeks […]

Smart house tour video

Here’s a new video from which shows off many of their lighting, heating, kitchen, bathroom as well as bedroom gadgets… Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Pinterest Email More WhatsApp Print Skype Tumblr Telegram Pocket

Hybrid Solar lighting

This looks like a great idea to help cut costs in your smart Home… “Using a roof-mounted solar collector, the HSL3000 tracks the sun and concentratedirect sunlight into plastic optical fibers. The optical fibers tansport sunlight throughout a building to multiple “hybrid” luminaies. containing special optical elements that disperse the sunlight, these “hybrid” luminaires blend […]

Cytech launch new comfort Door stations & Keypads

KP04 key pad in aluminium finish – Cytech Europe limited announces the launch of new door stations and keypads for their comfort Intelligent home System.   comfort links voice prompted home security with all aspects of smart home technology in one system. The new DS01 door station comes with microphone or microphone and camera versions and […]

5 reasons TO install A central VACUUM

Sharing is caring! Tweet Share Pin Share Mail Vacuuming can be an annoying chore. It’s noisy, inconvenient and many vacuum cleaners break down and need replacing too frequently. If you’re exhausted of heavy, awkward vacuum cleaners and wondering if your floors are actually getting clean, installing a central vacuum in your home could be the solution. […]

Lively Abstract Art

This upbeat vignette was put together by the designers at Toronto’s Sarah Richardson Design. Juicy orange and fresh green accents tie in beautifully with the shades in the contemporary painting by artist Michael Adamson.

LED Taps Colour Water According to temperature

Not quite home automation, but an interesting feature in any smart home, this tap projects a colour onto the water with LEDs that give a visual indication of the water temperature… “It’s a amazing concept, as you won’t have to worry about burning your hand while testing the water again. If it’s red, don’t mess […]

Hot Collaboration: Karim Rashid & Heys

The pattern on this restricted edition line of luggage is traditional Karim Rashid: fun, graphic as well as colourful. The prolific designer — he’s created much more than 3,600 products as well as won hundreds of awards — developed a playful take on Heys‘ lightweight Spinner suitcases, which he’s dubbed the Supernova Set. Each set […]