trustworthy occupancy sensing has long been the bane of the house automator.  A PIR detects if somebody moves, however when they sit down to watch TV they disappear.  If you are trying to switch off lights immediately in unoccupied areas then you can soon run into problems.  How many of us recognise the ‘wave your hands in the air to make the lights come back on’ scenario!

Our recent move to Indigo house automation software application showed us there’s already some imaginative work being done here.  Two Indigo add-ons utilize the existence of a smartphone on your home’s Wi-Fi network as an indicator that an private is present (check out the Smartphone Radar and Fing plugins).

But exactly how about going a step further.  How about utilizing our smartphones to tell which room we’re in, not just which house.  What we requirement is more than just geofencing, we need a high resolution ‘interior GPS’ for some indoor mapping.

At Apple’s iOS 7 statement back in June there was the briefest of glimpses of a new SDK function on one of their slides called “iBeacons”.

The system relies on Bluetooth low energy gadgets (also understand as BLE, Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart) for calculating micro place data employing bit 2.4Mhz transmitters at key places around a building.  Your smartphone or other gadget immediately picks up the signal from these iBeacons as well as can determine family member setting or trigger contextual actions.  There’s still next to no info offered on Apple’s primary website however here’s a quote from their designer section….

iBeacon, a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify close-by iOS 7 gadgets of their presence, provides apps a whole new level of place awareness, such as path markers in a park, exhibits in a museum, or product screens in stores.

While the majority of chatter has been about iBeacon application in the retail/payments as well as interactive tours sectors there are definitely fascinating applications for the wise home.

Apple is expected to make the iBeacon protocol public soon however in the meantime there are commercially offered hardware units on sale already.  An example is the ‘mote’ from Estimote, one more tech startup from Poland.  A quick browse turned up a schematic as well as downloadable firmware for this diy iBeacon too.  Both these units will be able to run for more than 2 years on a single coin cell battery.

We discovered the video below which appears to be an Apple rundown to designers on the new iBeacon features.  From it we discover that when your iBeacon conscious app is in the background it can perform “Region Monitoring”, presumably a less granular place service.  When the app is in the foreground or when you wake your iphone then Apple’s Core place service can utilize “Ranging” for a more precise quote of exactly how far you are away from the nearest beacon.  This is based on signal stamina as well as the results will put your place family member to the beacon into one of these three specifies – Immediate (approx 10 centimetres away), Near (approx 2 – 3 metres away), Far (approx 5 – 70 metres away).  CoreMotion likewise takes advantage of the new M7 chip inside the latest iphone 5s.

But what about the majority of the worlds smartphone individuals that are bring Android handsets?  While Google have been betting on Near field communication (NFC) as much as now, they’ve added native support for BLE to the latest Android version 4.3.  But this will requirement work before it has the equivalent of the iOS7 features.  While iBeacons aren’t as affordable as NFC tags they are inexpensive – the Estimote units mentioned above are currently selling for around £60 for a set of three as well as who understands exactly how low this can decrease over time.

Any compatible Bluetooth LE iphone or iPad can be a iBeacon transmitter as well and Apple has already begun utilizing one application of BLE iBeacons with the new ‘bump‘ configuration for the Apple TV.  This shows exactly how the system can mimic a few of NFC’s proximity features in addition to offer a much higher range of functions – all from a single technology.  Googles superiority in cloud services isn’t in question though, so if it can get a contending system off the ground as well as can link it to an interior version of the ubiquitous Google Maps then it would be a major threat to the Apple system.

If everything works out then it’s possible to see a time in the future where you might walk out of one room, have your TV show paused as well as as you walk into the next space have it continue on from where you left off.  Energy cost savings from automated illumination as well as heating would be a huge area of rate of interest as well however the logic needed for this kind of thing isn’t as trivial as it may seem.  That said, business like Idratek are working on the kind of algorithms that might utilize iBeacons to create these intelligent as well as autonomous actions.



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There are bound to be problems right here though.  Will the system believe you are in the lounge when you’re really in the bedroom above or the kitchen area next door?  Will simply adding more iBeacons round the house boost accuracy as well as solve this issue?  What about enrolling visitors to the home onto the system?  What if we leave our phone in one space as well as walk to one more (if only Apple was establishing a wearable device, like a watch or something).  And won’t this all just turn into a new vector for spam, with a new ad pinging us every time we walk past a shop?

The new 802.11ah Wi-Fi common is due in 2015 / 2016 which has been designed to support the kind of sensor networks suited to house Automation.  Will this provide a multitude of ‘free’ beacons developed into our Internet of Things for a more precise triangulation setup?  We’ll understand more about iBeacons by this time around next year, however whatever occurs it’s remove there are fascinating times ahead. let us understand what you believe in the comments below.

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