Automated house visitor as well as device junkie Quinten Uijldert has just rebuilt his Node Zero (thats his wiring cupboard for the uninitiated).  inspect out his short article on building a budget plan customized diy rack for all his gear.

“Node Zero… Every respectable innovation enthusiast has one, as well as so do I. It started all the method back in 2001 when I came across The Automated house site as well as it’s associated mailing list. I understood nothing about house automation, audio distribution, video sharing, etc however was keen to discover as well as introduce at house (often with fantastic resistance from SWMBO ;)).

So I develop my very first node zero to fit a few of my servers in the garage as well as distributed the network from there into the living room. because of the fortunate place of the garage being adjacent to the living space it is the perfect location to put stuff without fretting about the illusive WAF

You can’t truly phone call the cupboard a node zero though, however if you closed the doors, at least it hid the cat5 wiring from the switch as well as modem it housed.

Flash ahead to 2004 as well as with an ever enhancing device count it was time to upgrade node zero. My father is blessed with the carpentry gene as well as so with my directions he set off to partition the garage in two parts where I reserved myself a shelf for the 2nd incarnation of my node zero. On the shelf my two TiVo’s as well as their satellite receivers were placed, complied with soon by a Xbox Media Center, a scart switch as well as a Kat5 transmitter. The result: spaghetti junction around once again

So with an enhancing demand on benefit as well as accessibility, I had to make amends. Bring on 2008 where my father performs yet one more masterpiece as well as produces a function develop rack for me. The rack homes all my stuff, as well as with some area left at the bottom I even have space left for much more toys! :D”

Article Reproduced from original by kind consent of Quinten Uijldert. View some other visitors pictures in our Node Zero Gallery.

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