submission by James Clabon – Out of the box the ZWave ZIR010 PIR motion Sensor seem to be well manufactured. They have a quality feel about them. compared to X10’s MS13’s they are slightly larger in all dimensions.

I guess looks are down to personal taste but I think these look cool. They look modern and seem to blend into their surroundings thanks to their rounded edges. also no logo on the front and no aerial sticking out makes them much more attractive than the X10 counterpart.

They where a breeze to set up. simply add them to the master remote and then copy them to HomeSeer. They then appear in the device list and you can then set up events based on their status. They come with a convenient bracket that enables you to change the angle and direction of the sensor after they are mounted.

I have had these installed for about three weeks now and they have carried out brilliantly. I also use MS13’s with a W800 RF receiver. I have discovered a small speed increase over the MS13’s (All my lights are Z-wave also with 35 Modules) and unlike the MS13’s they have been 100% reputable HomeSeer has not missed a single command!

I like the fact that they only send their state if it changes, not every 10 seconds, this way it keeps unnecessary commands out of the system.

Ok here comes the negative points. The sensors are capable of much more functions but the remotes do not support it fully yet. You are unable to create associations (although HomeSeer can do this one). It is possible to set the delay time of no motion. The remote or HomeSeer do not support this feature. Out off the box they will report no motion after 5 Minutes.

They also feature an Alarm mode which include tamper detection and battery status notification again I believe that this can only be set up by a remote which is also not supported yet.

At around £65 they are a little expensive, however they do work very well and blend well into their surroundings.

ZWave ZIR010 PIR motion Sensor

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