Here’s the current video case study from Control4 showing how the system is helping one family with an Autistic child…

“Meet 3 year old Brody Buzzard and see how Control4 home automation is helping his family get rid of a few challenges at home.

Brody loves to do puzzles. He likes sand because he’s very sensory oriented. He loves boats because you get to go into the water and go up and down. Brody is also autistic which adds extra complexity to the Buzzard family life.

“Kids with autism don’t see the world as relationships or emotions or responding to instructions. They see the world in pictures.” – Mark

Once he started pre-school, Brody’s mommy Robin had to wake him up real early and he would throw tantrums. Brody’s daddy mark installed a Control4 home automation system in their home and soon realized what the system could do for Brody.

He programmed a wake up timer so that everyday, Brody’s TV turns on at 8:30am to his favorite TV show. Robin enters Brody’s bedroom to get him dressed once she sees he’s up and delighted by means of a camera. Robin can also use a touch screen while she’s getting ready to check-in on Brody and his therapist so she doesn’t have to interrupt his routine.

Mark can’t sit down with Brody and ask him if he wants to enjoy a particular program. It doesn’t work that way, so mark instead shows him an image on the TV screen, points at it and then Brody can say “yeah”. “The visuals really, really help because he can’t communicate any other way.” – Mark

The iPad absolutely changed everything because Brody knows intuitively what to do when he’s got one in his hands. The pictures and ease of use of an iPad makes it easy for Brody to show his parents what he wants.

Recently, Brody began sneaking out at night so mark made it so that the master bedroom lights turn on and a vocal notification is announced over the loud speakers when Brody opens his door.

A smart home can not only make your life better, it can make it much easier so you can focus on the stuff that really matters.

“I absolutely love it, I don’t know what I would do without Control4 home automation. It just makes me so happy.” – Robin.  “Before we had home automation there were a lot of things that we couldn’t necessarily manage on our own… it’s amazing, the technology and automation has made a substantial difference in our home.” – Mark”


Video excursion of Control4 Powered Dallas smart Home  :


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