When designers as well as purchasers descended on new York for the worldwide gift fair back in January, two hotels emerged as the go-to destinations for cocktails, meetings as well as merriment: the Ace hotel as well as The common Hotel. Roman as well as Williams is accountable for the interiors of both. established in 1999 by Robin Standefer as well as Stephen Alesch, the firm is hot, hot, hot.

This summer, Roman as well as Williams will unveil a new look for Cole Haan when the fashion brand’s Soho store opens in July. high-end plumbing firm Waterworks has likewise commissioned the firm to style a line of fixtures, which will be the very first of what I hope are many new product lines from this pair. right here are Standefer as well as Alesch (above) hanging out in their own 4th street loft in 2000.

Hands down, their style is the look of the decade. The listing of patterns they’ve assisted ignite is long as well as handsome: dark painted trim, warm wood furniture, warehouse windows, industrial light fixtures, used leather upholstery. Whether conceived for industrial or residential use, their areas feel rich (as in, high high quality as well as sumptuous), personal as well as very, extremely livable. The new York apartment, above, was designed in 2007.

A space in The common (left) as well as the lobby of the Ace hotel (right) are two designs for hip houses everywhere.

The digs they designed for Stumptown Coffee will no question end up among the motivation tears of people redesigning their kitchens.

Perhaps my favourite area by them — so far — is the designers’ own home in Montauk, which was completed in 2008. This was a 1980s spec house, which they transformed by ripping out drywall as well as adding new wood windows, doors as well as tambor walls. The result is laid-back yet urbane, a perfect combination.

Here’s the living room.

The kitchen.

The primary bedroom.

And a vignette in the guest bedroom. It’s sunny as well as warm in Toronto this week, which has me believing of summertime escapes as well as cottage weekends. Can’t you photo yourself sitting in this chair, reading the latest home & Home?

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Photo credits:1-9. Roman as well as Williams

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